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You’re interested in working out and are excited to begin a new workout plan! You may be motivated by fitness trends on social media, preparing for an upcoming event, looking to sleep better at night, had a health scare, or are just looking for a new hobby. Whatever the motivation may be, we’re glad you’re here!

One of the biggest obstacles to starting a new workout routine is that beginners often don’t know how to start or how often to workout. You may look to friends or social media influencers for inspiration, but everyone’s workout capabilities are different — some people can train every day for 10 hours a week, while others only train four days a week for 30-minutes.

What’s important is finding the right workout regimen for you and your body and ramp up slowly. Although the motivation is there to go big every day, you will quickly burn out your endurance and may risk injury.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions in regards to starting a new fitness routine for beginners and how you can begin working out safely and smartly.

How much should a beginner workout?

As a beginner, you only want to begin working out 1-3 days a week.

It is important to provide a chance for your body to adapt and adjust to the new routine. Focus on full-body strength training that starts slow and ramps up over time. A couple of weeks to a month of slowly increasing your workout frequency will provide you a better foundation for longevity.

Our tip: Start slow and start easy. It’s better to discover something is too simple and then increase your routine, rather than backing down after sustaining an injury or burning yourself out.


What's the best way to find a beginners workout plan?

The best way to put together a beginner workout plan is to visit your local fitness center or work with a personal trainer. Many gyms, like Chiseled Life Gym in Columbia, MD, offer a variety of fitness classes and personal trainers so everyone can find the right match for their needs.

Even if you don’t continue with fitness courses or only meet with a personal trainer for a couple of introductory sessions, those meetings will provide valuable insights into what works best for your body and your goals.

Our tip: Visit your local gym to consult with a personal trainer or take an introductory fitness course. This will tell you a lot about where your body currently is with a workout and help you formulate the areas you want to focus on.


Should I do beginner exercises first or intermediate?

If you’re wondering what level exercises are appropriate for you, the best way go about working out is starting out at the beginner level. No matter what your physical background is, starting out at a beginner level will tell you a lot about your body’s current capabilities and comfort levels.

Strength training, weight training, body weight training, high intensity workouts, yoga, dance, HIIT, CrossFit, and more are all different workouts that target different areas of the body. An advanced yogi, for example, would still need to take beginner weight training and vice versa.

Our tip: Always do beginner exercises to make sure your body is comfortable with the movement and can do it safely. Working out should never be painful so starting at the beginner level will help ensure you advance at an even pace.


Can I workout everyday as a beginner?

Making the commitment to working out, getting in shape, and losing weight is very exciting. It’s important to remain patient even when excited, though. You may feel you have the energy to work out every day as a beginner, but this will quickly lead to burn out and may injure your body.

Take your time when starting a new workout regimen and commit to working out only for 1 – 3 days a week. On your off days, rest, do lighter activity, and be mindful of how your body feels and what it is telling you.

Our tip: Channel the excitement of starting a new workout in different areas on your rest days. Take walks, practice cooking healthy meals, set goals, and listen to your body. Never start off working out every day week, go slow and ramp up.

Complete beginner in workout, where should I start?

As a beginner to working out, the best place you can start is by visiting your local fitness center. Talking to a local gym coach, meeting with a personal trainer, or even just meeting other people in your community who are on their own fitness journey will help motivate you, set you up with a workout schedule, and help you figure out where to begin.

Many gyms offer fitness classes designed for all level athletes, including beginners. Start here or consult with a personal trainer about your goals, what you want to work on, and learn the proper technique so you apply it at home or in a gym.

Our tip: Even if you plan to work out on your own or at home, it’s always smart to meet a personal trainer or take a beginner fitness class. Learning what to look for in your body and learning the proper technique for your workouts will take you further with better results.


Is strength training hard for beginners?

Beginners are recommended to begin with bodyweight training when they first begin strength training. Beginning with weights, even light weights, can lead to injury or fatigue if your body is not used to working out or doing resistance training.

Strength training may feel difficult or frustrating when you first begin, but the challenge is part of the journey. Don’t let yourself get discouraged or lose motivation. In the beginning, gains will come rapidly with the proper time and application, so be patient, push through, and you’ll see remarkable results.

Our tip: Don’t get discouraged when you first begin strength training. Create mini-goals that are achievable on a shorter timeline in addition to having your end goal. This will continue to motivate you and empower you to pursue your bigger goals. Start light and give yourself a chance to impress yourself.

How do beginners start morning exercises at home?

Just like with all other aspects of working out, you won’t start in the deep end of the pool. If your goal is to complete a workout before your day begins, you’ll want to start off small by gradually rolling back what time you wake up and begin the day. If you’re trying to begin by waking up an entire hour or two earlier, you probably won’t adjust right away. Start with 15-minute increments until you are comfortable with your new wake-up time.

You can also enroll an accountability buddy, go to bed earlier, have a pre-made breakfast prepped, and already have all your other morning errands completed that you can do the night before.

Our tip: Remain motivated even if you skip a morning or two… or three. Adjusting to a new sleep schedule and beginning a new workout routine is hard. Even if you miss a few days or a week, try again tomorrow! New routines take time to feel comfortable so keep at it. If you feel yourself losing motivation, check out our motivation workout tips.


Can you suggest a daily workout routine for beginners?

At Chiseled Life Gym in Columbia, MD, we are more than excited to help beginners start their workout and fitness journey. We have a variety of personal trainers who are equipped to help many beginners on their journey, including a large range of ages, capabilities, backgrounds, and goals.

Our Tip: Give us a call or fill out our online form today to let us know what your fitness goals are and when you’re looking to start your fitness journey. We’re here to get you on the right track to reach your goals and incorporate fitness into your daily routine with ease.


What is a good 30 min workout for beginners?

30-minute workouts can include dance, strength training, flexibility, HIIT regimens, and more! Your 30-minute workout should include what is natural and fun for you. Don’t over-extend yourself and start slow before ramping up. Mix up your focus to get even training and keep things fresh.

Our tip: Check out our 30-minute fitness tips blog post to learn how you can advance your 30-minute training and make it work for you.

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