The Warm-Up You Want To Do at the Gym

Workouts are extremely beneficial for our bodies, but some workouts are only as good as the warmups that precede them. Without a proper warmup, you risk injury, restricted mobility, and muscle strain. This is why personal trainers and other coaches at Chiseled Life Gym in Columbia, MD will always give a structured routine that has a warmup, workout, and cooldown. Although it doesn’t seem like a warmup does a lot, proper warmups that precede weight-lifting — or workouts in general — help to activate the nerves, warm up the joints, and increase the overall body temperature that provides a better overall workout experience. So how do you warm-up at the gym fast and effectively? We’ve got some warm-up tips to help your gym workout be even better than before, even if you’re crunched for time. Put them to use at your local 24-hour gym in Columbia and tag us on social media to let us know how it went! Note: always check with your coach, personal trainer, or other fitness advisor before starting a new fitness routine.
personal trainers in columbia md help create dynamic warmups

Why Personal Trainers in Maryland Recommend Warmups

You may be asking yourself why a warmup is so critical to your workout. Warmups do a lot for your body and your mind, and that’s why Columbia, MD personal trainers will always have their clients do a warmup tailored to their workout for that day. Here’s just a few myths about warmups you may have heard and why warmups are indeed vital to a successful and healthy fitness regiment.

Myth: Warmups are optional and are only needed if you’re going to stretch

False! Warmups are critical to your body no matter what workout you plan on doing. Even a 10 minute warmup can put your body in much better shape to receive your workout.

Myth: A proper warmup targets ever area and muscle in the body

False! You don’t want to overwork your body before the workout even begins. A proper gym warmup should use dynamic movements (more on that below) and will actually omit static stretching altogether.

Myth: Flexible bodies don’t need a warmup

False! Your body’s current fitness level or flexibility level is not a pass for a warmup. Bodies change from day to day, so a quick warmup is critical to staying loose and activating your flex and strength levels.

Myth: I’ve been working out without a warmup and feel fine so my body doesn’t need one

False! Warmups do not prevent immediate injuries (although they can); warmups help strengthen your body to reduce injuries over time by reducing strain on muscles, increasing mobility, and lessening the pressure on your heart and lungs.

The Benefits of Warmups Before a Workout

Warmups increase your blood flow

Warmups allow for greater mobility

Warmups reduce the strain on your heart and lungs

Warmups reduce the chance of injury and soreness

Our Recommended Fast and Effective Warmup from Our Columbia, MD Personal Trainers

rotating toe touches are a perfect warmup to do with your personal trainerEven if you’re only getting into your local 24-hour gym for an hour a day, there are some quick warmups you can incorporate into your routine to help prepare your body for your workout. Here are some of our favorite cardio moves and dynamic stretches that you can adapt to all of your workouts, from fitness class preparation to weight lifting prep.

If you’re still not sure, talk to a personal trainer in Columbia, MD today. Even one session with a coach can help you understand what your body needs to stay safe during your workouts. 

Best Tips for a Gym Warmup
  • Keep it to only 5-10 minutes
  • Target the areas you’ll be focusing on in your workout
  • Start slow and steady
  • Avoid static stretches and instead focus on dynamic movements

The 5-Minute Cardio Warmup for at the Gym

24-hour gyms in columbia md allow for plenty of time to warm upCardio is a quick way to get warm and get your body ready for any workout with your local Columbia, MD personal trainer or other coach. Not all cardio warmups are created equal, however. It’s important to understand the goal of your workout and how your cardio warmup can complement those goals before you begin so you can warm up properly.

Adapt the first five minutes of your cardio warmup to your specific needs. Here are some of our favorite go-to warmup reps for warming up at your local Columbia, MD gym that can greatly improve your workout results. Remember! A warmup is not a workout — do not push yourself and don’t go too long. These are merely stepping stones to get you ready for more intense activity.

Why we recommend cardio: cardio warmups help get blood flowing, increase your core temperature, and prepare the heart and lungs for activity.

  • Activate and warm up your glutes with a supine bridge, bird-dogs, or fire hydrant circles
  • High knee drills warm up your body and help your body find balance and alignment
  • Jumping jacks, squats, and push-ups are classics to increase blood flow and prepare the heart and lungs
  • Planks and mountain climbers target abs
  • Cross toe touches and standing elbow to knees help with alignment, balance, and mobility

Dynamic Stretches To Include in Your Warmup At Your Local 24-Hour Gym

foam rolling is important before any workout in a 24 hour gymStatic stretching or ballistic stretching is out (for a warmup) and dynamic stretching is in. Do not do static stretches until the END of your warmup, when your muscles are mobile and your body is warm. Instead, for your workout warmup, you want to do dynamic stretches and movements. At Chiseled Life Gym in Columbia, MD, these are some of our go-to recommendations, especially for weight lifters.

Dynamic stretches gradually increase your range of motion until your body is at its natural limit. It focuses on improving mobility without forcing the body to go beyond its limits, which benefits performance in all workouts.

  • Start with a foam roller and loosen tight areas
  • Begin with a lunge that rotate
  • Add in a bend and stretch
  • Follow up with T-rotation reps
  • Take a few inchworms across the floor
  • Add in a soldier walk to get your legs moving and hips open
  • End with any dynamic stretches you still need including arm circles, neck circles, or other areas of your body that feel stiff 
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