As a leading 24/7 gym in Columbia MD our goal is to meet the fitness needs of every gym-goer in our area.


We have put together some answers to our most commonly asked questions, but please feel free to always reach and contact us with any questions or concerns you have.


From personal training to power lifting, we are here for you with our personal trainer, equipment, sports rehab, nutrition, equipment, experience, and more. Live Defined at Chiseled Life Gym in Columbia, MD.

What are your membership options?

We offer 1-year memberships, month-to-month memberships, a couples membership, and a reduced family add-on.

Can I bring my kids?

Yes, we have a kids’ room that is just $2 for the day so you never need to sacrifice a trip to the gym.

What group fitness classes do you offer?

We currently offer cardio dance, so you don’t feel like you’re doing a workout; HIIT class; total body tone; and combat cardio, to get your excess energy out. Our schedule changes, so check back for new classes periodically.

What personal training options do you have?

We have seven personal trainers currently on staff, all with different specialties. Some of our personal training specialty options include physical therapists, behavior therapist, injury prevention, military physical fitness preparation, first-responder readiness, bodybuilding, back health, slipped disc strengthening, scoliosis strengthening, spinal arthritis strengthening, kinesiology, holistic health, nutrition consultant, mindset focus and adjustments, self-esteem empowerment, youth and adolescents, injury victims, veterans, the hearing impaired, vision impaired, stroke patients, powerlifting, high-intensity interval training, plyometrics, calisthenics, retirees, parents, sports medicine, and more.

Do you offer nutrition advice?

Yes, several of our personal trainers specialize in nutrition and we also have an on-site location to buy nutrition products to help you achieve your healthiest lifestyle.

Are you a powerlifting gym?

No, but we do offer a lot of powerlifting equipment, training, and events. Our personal trainers and facility were created for every type of gym-goer, so if you are looking to build your powerlifting, we can assist you, but we also welcome and cater to other fitness areas.

What powerlifting equipment do you have?

We offer various equipment that helps build powerlifting skills, including free weights, a rogue monster lite rig, power racks, deadlift platforms, plate loaded machines, pin select machines, and more.

Do you host events?

Yes, we host powerlifting events, the Apex training system, and various others throughout the year. Keep an eye on our “Events” page to learn about what more is coming!

Is going to a powerlifting gym good for my health?

A gym membership with regular visits is great for your health – improved endurance, build muscle, improve the healthy function of your heart and lungs, weight management, mental health improvements, energy boosts, and more. Plus, we can provide training specifically for you and your health, and protein and eating recommendations.

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