How to Find a Good Personal Trainer: 5 Mistakes to Avoid!

Ready to start your fitness journey? One of the best ways to get in shape is to work with a personal trainer.

Personal trainers get to know you, your goals, your body, identify any injuries, help construct dietary plans, and overall, personal trainers root for you. Although attending a spin class at your local gym is fun, it doesn’t provide the same accountability a personal trainer provides.

The best gyms in Columbia, MD and surrounding areas have personal trainers, but how do you hire the RIGHT personal trainer? Here are 5 mistakes to avoid when selecting your personal trainer.


Your Personal Trainer Should Have Fitness & Training Experience That Matches Your Goals

fitness classes in columbia mdWhen looking for a personal trainer, think about your goals, your age range, injury history, and your previous fitness experience. 

A personal trainer who helps clients train for CrossFit competitions is not the personal trainer you want if your goals are to lose weight and find a more healthy balance in your life.

As one of the best gyms in Columbia, MD, we’ve helped many clients understand that personal trainers vary in experience and specialties. 

Some of our Maryland personal trainers are best suited for those with disabilities, medical conditions, or senior citizens. 1Other personal trainers come from medical backgrounds and are best suited to those who want a combination of fitness motivation and an overall healthy life balance.

Even if your goal is only to lose weight or regain stability, that’s a starting point to find the personal trainer who is best suited to help you. Look for someone familiar with your interests to help you achieve your aspirations.

Red Flags! Watch For and Avoid:

Personal trainers who have no experience working with your general age range, condition, or goal aspirations.

You want someone who understands how your body will function during exercise based on their experience, training, and hands-on approach. If they haven’t worked with a client like you before, you may not be the right fit.

No Personal Trainer Should Push You Beyond Your Healthy Limits

HOW MUCH SHOULD A BEGINNER WORKOUT?While the saying “no pain, no gain” is quite popular, it’s important to understand that pain during fitness can mean something bad is happening. 

When you’re looking for a personal trainer near you, talk with them about your injuries or body limits and gauge their response.

The best personal trainers understand that all bodies are different and therefore have different capabilities. 

A one-size-fits-all approach is why people take group gym classes, not why they hire personal trainers. Your personal trainer should adapt their workout ideas to your body.

Red Flags! Watch For and Avoid:

Personal trainers who push you beyond what your body can safely do. A personal trainer should encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone but they should never push you into pain or towards injury.

Personal Trainers Should Encourage Balance in Your Life

training in columbia mdBalance can mean a lot of things, but when it comes to fitness, balance means balancing your fitness goals for a well-rounded, healthy body.

If your goal is to lose weight, your personal trainer should ensure your fitness routine is well bounced across arms, back, legs, abs, and more. You should never be focusing on just one area or favoring one side (unless injury requires it).

If you’re looking to become more flexible, a personal trainer should still include complimentary strength training and exercises. Your body should be well balanced in each area and with various exercises. 

If you do a lot of natural pulling, you need to balance with push, and vice versa. These are things your personal trainer should be on top of.

Red Flags! Watch For and Avoid:

Personal trainers who don’t provide well-rounded fitness routines to balance your body.

Never work with a personal trainer who doesn’t consider your body’s entire health in addition to your fitness goals. They should ensure you work your body completely.

Ask About Your Personal Trainer’s Certifications and Credentials

IS STRENGTH TRAINING HARD FOR BEGINNERS?The best gyms in Columbia, MD and surrounding areas will hire personal trainers who have health or fitness-focused certifications and credentials.

Just because someone has fitness experience does not make them a trustworthy or experienced coach. 

Certifications and credentials represent that a Maryland personal trainer has undergone training and education to ensure safety when coaching their clients. This means they understand the body, muscle groups, how to properly modify workouts, and more.

Red Flags! Watch For and Avoid:

Personal coaches whose only experience is their own fitness journey. While an experienced fitness journey is critical, it doesn’t supplement proper education.

The best personal trainers in Maryland will have credentials that verify they can safely guide you through your workouts, spot you, avoid injury, work around injuries, and more. They should have a wealth of knowledge understanding the body, muscle groups, tendons, and more.

Yes, a Trial Session is a Must So You Know You Get Along and Feel Motivated

aPersonal trainers and personal coaches are someone you will become very close to. 

You will need to rely on them, speak openly with them, and trust them. Therefore, your personal trainer has to be someone you connect with and can communicate with. Otherwise, you’re doomed from the start.

Before investing in a large workout package or nailing down specific dates on a monthly basis, you should meet and do a trial run with your personal trainer. 

Talk about your goals, their experience, what works best for you, how you are motivated, and what time of day you want to workout. If you’re not compatible in these areas, it’s time to find someone else.

It may feel like anyone can be your coach, but it’s critical to have a personal trainer you get along with, so you are excited about your fitness experience and have the best shot of success.

Red Flags! Watch For and Avoid:

Personal trainers who don’t take the time to get to know you, your goals, communication style, and preferences. There is a difference between a personal trainer who is invested in you and a personal trainer who is invested in making only an income, so ensure you can have several one-time sessions before committing to a package booking with a new personal trainer.

Ready to Hire a Personal Trainer in Maryland?

Personal Trainer in MarylandDon’t be intimidated when starting your fitness journey. 

The best gyms in Columbia, MD will work with you to help you find the right personal trainer and the right schedule that works for you. This is why Chiseled Life is a 24-Hour Gym in Maryland with a host of personal trainers for every individual.

Whether you’re looking to get back into fitness, are trying to prevent injuries, or want to live a healthier life, there is a coach for you at Chiseled Life Gym in Columbia, MDTalk to us today about hiring a personal trainer and getting started.

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