James Barbosa


Massage Therapist

About James

I am James Barbosa, aka Bosa. For the past 6 years I have been a massage therapist and have worked with athletes of all sorts. After 12 years in the military and two deployments, I know just how beat up the body can get just from living life and especially when we throw weights into the mix. So, now I use my
skillset to help other active humans to live better, pain free lives.


To build my brand, I used to go to gyms and competitions all over Maryland offering free services to peak interest. It worked slowly, but surely. I used social media to spread awareness and made endless videos and posts. I’ve learned a lot to say the least. But, word of mouth is best to none. Through providing the best possible service I can, I have created a brand. Giving may clients as much value as possible, pays back dividends in the form of referrals. Providing top-notch service is a self-fulfilling machine, who would have thought.


My business was born out of my need to thrive in this world. Barely surviving was the norm and I was sick of it. So, I decided to take control of my life and start my own business. Here I am 6 years later, I am working with such an amazing gym like Chiseled, I have a great client base and I thoroughly enjoy my
job. “Started from the bottom, now we’re here.”


The plan is to hire other massage therapists, train them in my technique and to help even more people. I want to build online and in person massage courses, write books on the body, mind and spirit and become a life coach and motivational speaker, and so much more. To do that, I will start with building a
team and extending the knowledge out to others so that collectively we can help a lot of people.


Healing is important because too many of us keep pushing through life with the baggage of our traumas, physical, mental or emotional and as a result, we develop aches, pains and injuries; disease, mental disorders, poverty and endless others. My intention is to continue to contribute to my prosperity, my health, happiness and finances and to help others become healthy, pain-free and live happier lives.

For me, it all starts with Muscle Therapy

What is Muscle Therapy?

Muscle therapy is a combination of deep tissue, trigger point therapy and various tools and stretching.
Being that I have worked on athletes for 6 years, Ive had to develop a technique that would resolve the problems they come to see me for and so, with lots of trial and error, I have my method of attack. Muscle Therapy. It hurts so good, as they say.



  • Massage practitioner
  • IAST
  • CPR


  • Deep Tissue
  • Trigger point
  • Muscle Therapy
  • Stretching




Unbound Muscle Therapy

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