Jeremy Kaplan

Jeremy Kaplan


Personal Trainer

About Jeremy

Jeremy is a nationally certified personal trainer with a focus on improving athletic performance through powerlifting, high intensity interval training, plyometrics, and calisthenics. Having participated in competitive baseball, basketball, swimming, and football, he has studied how different bodies respond to different styles of training. His clientele ranges from the teenager, to the stay at home parent, the working adult, to the retiree looking to stay active. His passion lies in focusing on proper form, improving core strength, and building confidence in his clients.


My philosophy: As a fitness professional, I have found that a positive client/trainer relationship is one with shared energy levels and a common focus. I have to work within the bounds of your limits, potential, and goals to assist you along in your fitness journey. Through creativity, consistency, and a positive environment, we can erase your limits, expand your potential, and crush your goals.


  • Monday-Thursday 8am-7pm
  • Friday-Sunday 8am-4pm


1 hour single person rates

  • 1 session- $50
  • 2 sessions- $95
  • 3 sessions- $140


1 hour group rates

  • 1 session- $75
  • 2 sessions- $140
  • 3 sessions- $200


30 minute rates

  • 6 sessions- $180
  • 12 sessions- $340