Top 7 Tips to Stay Motivated to Workout Every Day

Workout motivation is something most people struggle with. Even those who are built, fit, and healthy with consistent running schedules and gym memberships had to overcome motivation to get up and get moving — and probably still have days where the motivation has to be fought for to get down to their local Columbia, MD gym. So the secret to finding the motivation isn’t to wait around for it, but to actively go out and seek it. No matter how far into your fitness journey you are, whether it’s one week or one year, you can always use a workout motivation boost.

1) Set the Mood with Music, TV, or Podcasts to Help with Fitness Motivation

workout motivationWorking out should be enjoyable, and if at first you’re reluctant to get moving, set the tone of your fitness session so it’s more engaging for your mind and mood. If you’re at home you can break out a favorite TV show to have on in the background — but not something that will totally pause your workout if you get too invested! At the gym, you can find a TV that is playing something you can focus on while you do your reps, or you can prop up your tablet or phone.

Blasting some music can also get your blood pumping, or you can put on something zen and peaceful for more calming workout sessions like yoga or similar fitness classes. A podcast pouring through your headphones can also push you to get moving — you’ll want to finish that episode, so you’ll run longer, do more push-ups, and continue to sweat it out, all while mentally stimulated and engaged.

2) Be Present in the Moment and Focus on Your Fitness Session

fitness motivation tipsAlthough a lot easier suggested than executed, being mindful about being in the moment can do a lot to help you stay motivated. When our minds are overloaded with other thoughts and stressors, we’re less likely to push forward with our workout routine. Although it may take practice and a lot of patience, continue to focus on your workout step by step. The more in the moment you are and the less you’re allowing outside factors to cloud your mind, the more likely you are to press forward with your exercise regiment. Focus on what you enjoy in that moment — your activities, sweat, body mobility, music, whatever it may be — and let that drive you forward.

3) Get Your Blood Flowing and Energy Up BEFORE the Workout Routine

dance towards fitness tipsA great way to get motivated is to get your body moving. You don’t have to get up off the couch or move away from your desk and immediately begin your yoga session, your aerobics session, or your lifting regiment. Instead, take a walk, jog in place, play an active game, dance to some music, or participate in a hobby that keeps you moving. A body in motion will stay in motion, so if you start out light with something a lot less daunting and more fun, you’re more likely to push ahead into your full workout complete with abs, legs, push-ups, and more.

4) Our Favorite Workout Tip is Getting Creative with Fitness Classes

how to stay motivated to workoutThere’s a lot of ways to get healthy and stay in shape, and it’s worth exploring all of your options to find the workout that is engaging for both your mind and body. A good workout will challenge you, build muscle, help you lose weight, and provide a form of release whether it’s tension, anxiety, energy, creativity, or something else. Try a few different workout routines before you decide you just don’t enjoy working out. Running, aerobics, Zumba, ballet barre, yoga, aerial yoga, circus activities, HIIT classes, bodybuilding, and a whole lot more are all ways to engage yourself in a workout. A lot of these won’t even feel like a workout and will challenge you in new, unexpected ways that have lasting body and health benefits. Don’t be afraid to explore different fitness classes throughout gyms in Columbia, MD.

5) Even When You’ve Found Your Fitness Motivation, Continue to Try New Workout Classes

how to workout every dayNo matter how much you enjoy your workout routine, whatever it may be, it’s important to continue to shake up your routine. Every few months, try out a new fitness class, find a new running path, and change your session outline. Your body will grow stronger and healthier the more ways it is challenged, so even a new running path or a different style of dance class can change your workout and ignite new motivation. Work in new sequences that complement your current, favorite training methods.

6) Workout Motivation is Powered by Friends and Personal Trainers

fitness tips You’re more likely to be motivated if you have people encouraging you along the way. Even if you’re a lone-wolf who prefers a solitary run, a solo yoga session, or just your own space when powerlifting, having a friend on hand to chat with can help push you. Set up times to regularly text other fitness buddies, and compare goals, schedules, and progress. Having someone checking in can provide you just enough accountability to keep moving. In some cases, hiring a personal trainer is even better. Personal trainers can be with you at a gym, outside, or even schedule online virtual sessions. Don’t feel limited just because you workout at home, many personal trainers can make anything work for you.

7) Attainable Goals are a Key Factor in Fitness Motivation

how to make fitness goals To stay motivated to go to your favorite gym in Columbia, MD or just to get up in the morning and push forward, create both long-term and short-term attainable goals. If you’re working towards a new weight, set goals between now and your final expectation that have reasonable time frames. For example, you wouldn’t demand your body go from lifting 10-pound weights to 200 pounds in only a week, so don’t expect any immediate changes. Consult with other fitness friends or coaches to help you devise a schedule that you’re comfortable working towards. Always be realistic and prepare for setbacks — don’t let them discourage you, but be a guide to how to shape your routines moving forward.

Fitness Motivation Isn’t Easy, but It’s Worth It

Getting up earlier in the morning, hitting the gym after work, fitting in a run on the weekend — these can all seem impossible when you consider staying workout motivated. But you’re not alone in battling the motivation factor when it comes to fitness. Try new and different things to workout to see what fits you best. New fitness classes, going to a gym, hiring a personal trainer, making friends, setting new goals that are flexible with your lifestyle, and more are all vital to feeling empowered and staying motivated.

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