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Andrew Bank


Personal Trainer

About Andrew

When choosing new clients, my intent is to provide education and training that equips you with the knowledge to competently design your own workout programs. I understand that we are all on a unique journey, and that everyone responds to different resistance training principles, diets, and cardiovascular training methods. While it takes time and attention to learn how our central nervous system responds to different impetuses, putting in the effort to do so fosters an understanding of our bodies that can establish a lifetime of good health practices.


To me, successful personal training means helping others cultivate an understanding of their bodies and how they respond to external stimuli, then using that knowledge to help you get to a point where you are developing on your own. It can get overwhelming browsing the bevy of exercise programs, training protocols, and diets available; I believe the best way to avoid plateau, and constantly progress, is constant adaptation and education. We will focus on discovering what principles you respond best to, while continuing to develop and learn new techniques to add to your repertoire.


We will work on developing your mind-muscle connection, while learning new movement patterns and exercises, with a focus on optimizing form (for longevity/injury prevention/recovery). After developing a working knowledge of exercises available, our focus will shift to understanding the importance of rep ranges, weight used, and time under tension, while learning how to design your own workout programs. I would like to assist you in navigating the multitude of information available, helping build a comprehensive understanding of exercise prescription and nutrition principles, so you can achieve your goals, whatever they may be!


My personal fitness journey began as a Cross Country and Track athlete at a local Columbia high school. It wasn’t until college that I was first introduced to the gym, where truthfully, I was as lost as I was intrigued. While at Salisbury University, I became fascinated with the science behind exercise physiology, expanding my studies to include Exercise Science, and participating in research trials that explored the effects different exercise parameters had on various metabolic markers. My interest in the subject of human physiology, and passion for sharing what I had learned, led me to begin my personal training endeavors. From marathons and obstacle course races, to bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions, I have personally tried to seek out as many challenges as possible. Now, I am enthusiastic about sharing the mistakes and lessons I have learned along the way, with the hope that it can help others improve their fitness and overall quality of life!

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