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Dakota Duffy


Personal Trainer

About Dakota

My perspective on fitness and nutrition is all about sustainability and empowerment. I’ve spent over 8 years in the fitness industry helping my clients reach their goals and create lasting habits for future success. My background is predominantly in strength training, working with individuals in their twenties to their eighties, and everyone in between. They all had one thing in common – enthusiasm and a willingness to put the effort into their fitness and nutrition. Using an integrated approach, I work with my clients to identify their strengths and areas of improvement to create customized programming including aspects of mobility, stability, strength, and conditioning. Adding in addressing nutrition fundamentals and stress management, each of my clients comes into the gym armed with a well-rounded plan to “work smarter, not harder.” I also truly believe in taking the time to educate my clients on the “whys” and “hows” of what we’re doing so you can learn what works best for you throughout your fitness journey!


As a competitive athlete in the world of powerlifting and strength sports, I love working with individuals new to powerlifting (or the barbell in general), teaching the fundamentals of the sport and helping them to become “platform ready.” Powerlifting is an incredibly rewarding sport. The training, the community, and all the experiences that come with it just simply can’t be beaten. One of the most inspiring things about the sport is how inclusive it is. Whatever your age, gender, background, abilities, aesthetics, etc. there’s a place for you on the platform. I apply that same sentiment when working with my clients. Strong looks different on everyone… and I want to help as many people as I can to find what strong looks like on them.


So whether you’re a busy professional looking to get stronger and improve your relationship with your body, or someone looking to improve their quality of life through strength and functional movement, or someone who is interested in dipping their toe into the world of powerlifting but is unsure how to get started, I am willing and eager to work with you towards those goals!


Specialized Training:

  • Strength Coaching for Women and Individuals 40+
  • Powerlifting/Barbell Fundamentals
  • Nutrition Coaching for Performance and Weight Loss
  • Kettlebells for Strength and Endurance
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • Myofascial Release and Active Stretching

Child care is OPEN Saturday and Sunday from 9am–12:30pm