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24 Hour Fitness
Gym in Columbia, Maryland

Chiseled Life Gym is a 24-hour gym in Columbia MD that functions as a comprehensive training facility. We cover all the bases in your 24 hour fitness journey including personal trainer, nutrition, and recovery in order to help you achieve your goals!


Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or are well on your way, Chiseled Life Gym is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to look, feel and perform your best!

#1 Personal Trainer in Columbia MD

Our 24 Hour Fitness Gym offers all of this with a personal trainer and more under one roof!

  • Fitness and Lifestyle Apparel
  • Personal Trainer

  • Physical Therapy
  • Sports Rehab
  • Massage Therapy

  • Nutrition
  • Supplements

  • Meal Prep Service
  • Infrared Saunas
  • Custom Airbrush Tanning

We bring out the athlete within

personal trainer


We bring out the best in each of our members unleashing the athlete within

fitness columbia md

Expert Staff

We bring out the best in each of our members unleashing the athlete within

gyms near columbia md


We bring out the best in each of our members unleashing the athlete within

Live Defined

We bring out the best in each of our members by unleashing the athlete within. Our world-class coaches are deeply committed to empowering members to achieve their fitness goals. Our programs are based on proven results that challenge participants to go that extra mile.


We offer personal training, nutrition and sports rehab so that you can live defined each step of the way — with our focus and your dedication to your fitness goals, there is nothing you cannot achieve at Chiseled Life Gym.

Chiseled Life

Classes We Offer

Are you ready to get started achieving your fitness goals at one of the best gyms in Columbia MD? We offer a variety of group fitness classes as well as personal training, so whatever workout you are looking for, we have it here for you.


Once you find a class and time that works for you, give us a call to save your spot!



TRX Functional

Spin Class


Warrior Sculpt

Cardio Dance

Cardio dance will get you up and moving to the beat of some fantastic music.


A workout does not always have to feel like a workout, that’s why we are the Gym near you that has created a fun way to stay active and get in shape.


Feel the burn while feeling refreshed during a cardio dance class.

HIIT Class

Our high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class is just what you were looking for at a gym in Columbia, MD.


This HIIT class will keep you moving, keep your heart-rate pumping, and will burn away any excess fat.


HIIT is great for going 110% — you will be amazed at how far your body can go during a HIIT class, so give ours a try today.

Total Body Tone


When you are looking for a group fitness class at a gym in Columbia, MD that is focused on practical strength and toning, flexibility, and coordination, total body tone at Chiseled Life Gym is the one for you!


Total body tone workouts target every part of your body, from arms, legs, abs, and more!


This will keep you in shape and feeling and looking great. Sign up for one of our total body tone classes today.

Combat Cardio


A combat cardio workout is calling to you if you are energetic and stressed out and want to stay moving while burning fat and releasing your tension.


Combat cardio workouts are focused on punching, kicking, and jabbing your way to a healthier life. These workouts pull on ideas from a variety of martial arts practices, all while burning fat and toning your body from head to toe.


Stay active, stay moving, and release your stress during a combat cardio course at our gym in Columbia, MD.

Gym Class Schedule

Check out our class schedule to find a class, time, and day that works for you and your fitness goals.


 If a group workout isn’t right for you at this time, contact our personal trainer about training or for a membership for access to our 24 hour gym in Columbia, MD.


Call us today to reserve your spot in one of our classes and find out what it is to live defined!



  • Combat Cardio



  • Total Body Tone




  • HIIT with Jerm the Trainer



  • Total Body Tone



  • Hip Hop Dance




  • HIIT with Jerm the Trainer




24 Hour Gym in Columbia, MD

We’re one of the best gyms and child care in Columbia MD and nearby areas because we are focused on having the best equipment to help you reach your fitness goals.


As a 24 hour gym, it is important to us that with each and every visit you are able to tone every part of your body and see the results you have been looking for.

Free Weights

Plate Loaded Machines

Pin Select Machines


Functional Training

24 Hour Fitness

Turf Training

Rogue Monster Lite Rig

Power Racks

Olympic Platforms

Deadlift Platforms

Meet Our Team

Chiseled Life Gym is a 24 hour gym in Columbia MD that covers all bases of fitness like personal training to help you achieve your fitness goals!


The personal trainers and group fitness instructors at our health club in Columbia MD are all dedicated to training, health goals, and achieving fitness through healthy practices and hard work.


Each team member has years of experience in various areas of fitness and nutrition, and many hold various certifications and degrees in the fitness and health world.


No matter if you are a teenager, a working adult, a stay at home parent, a retiree trying to stay active, or a dedicated athlete, we have the personal trainer and group instructor who is best for you to help you achieve your goals and stay on track with expert knowledge and positive motivation.


Contact our personal trainers to begin a training session and watch how Chiseled Life Gym in Columbia MD can transform your attitude about working out into a positive experience.

fitness columbia md

Jason Nunn

fitness columbia md

Cara Nunn

24 hour gym columbia md
Personal Trainer

Dakota Duffy

Liz Paesani Columbia MD gym
Personal Trainer

Liz Paesani

Chris gonzalez personal trainer columbia md
Tactical Strength Coach

Chris Gonzalez

Andrew Bank personal trainer chiseled life
Personal Trainer

Andrew Bank

Alicia Saunders Personal Trainer
Xtreme Hip Hop Step Class

Alicia Saunders

Stephen Smith personal trainer
Personal Trainer

Stephen Smith

Alec Goenner Krav Maga columbia md
Krav Maga Instructor

Alec Goenner

Massage Therapist

James Barbosa


24 hour fitness Columbia MDChiseled Life Gym offers personal training with a myriad of personal trainer with varying backgrounds.


As one of the best gyms in Columbia, MD & surrounding areas, we make sure to have personal trainers on staff with different backgrounds and specialties so you can always find the perfect match to achieve your fitness goals.


Personal training is the perfect workout regiment plan for when you need the motivation and accountability to reach your fitness goals, you are new to working out and need guidance about the best regiment for your body, you have specific goals you want to achieve, or you have not been seeing progress working out on your own.


Our personal trainer has a wide range of experiences, including specialties in working with people who have back problems and slipped discs; working with adolescents and general self-esteem building; hearing-impaired, vision-impaired, and stroke patients; military physical fitness and first responder prep; bodybuilding and competition prep and endurance.


From general strength building and technique correction to achieving specialized goals, our personal trainers will see you to your accomplishments at Chiseled Life Gym near Columbia, MD.


If you are interested in booking sessions with one of our professional trainers, click the button below!

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Choose Your Plan


Whether you are working out alone, bringing along your partner, or have the kids in tow, there is a membership plan for everyone pursuing their 24 hour fitness goals at Chiseled Life Gym in Columbia, MD.


We have annual plans, monthly plans, couple plans, family add-ons for children ages 13-and-up, and even have a kids room for the toddlers who need a place to play while you achieve your body tone goals.


Chiseled Life is proud to offer discounts for Police, Military, Fire Fighters and First Responders.


Join Chiseled Life Gym today!  Below are our pricing options. 



  • Standard Member

  • $65/month
    • $25 initiation fee
    • 1 year contract

  • Month-To-Month

  • $70/month
    • $25 initiation fee
    • 30 days notice to cancel

  • 3 Month Membership

  • $165/3 months
    • $25 initiation fee
    • $19.99 renewal fee

  • Couples Membership

  • $120/month
    • $25 initiation fee
    • 1 year contract

  • Military

  • $55/month
    • $25 initiation fee
    • no contract


  • $55/month
    • $25 initiation fee
    • no contract

  • Student

  • $40/month
    • $25 initiation fee
    • Must have parental consent

  • Family Add-On

  • $50/month
    • No initiations fee
    • Ages 13 and up

  • Kids Room

  • $2/day
    • Paid per day
    • No contract

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Child care is OPEN Saturday and Sunday from 9am–12:30pm